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Our Mission

Simple in functionality yet advanced in

design, the Posie Pot is engineered to make

plant growth achievable for any home, office,

or garden. Our pots are eco-friendly by design

made from high-quality sustainable materials.

Innovation, technology, and great service

begins and ends with our experienced and

friendly professionals, which is why we put

so much consideration into selecting only the

best designs for our customers.

Our patented design is equipped with a

signature water reservoir, so you only have to

water your plants once a month.

Worry Not You've Got a Posie Pot.


Meet Our Founder

At the heart of Posie Pots, you'll find our

visionary founder Kay Wells, whose

remarkable journey fuses over fifteen years

of mechanical engineering expertise with

deep-rooted passion for horticulture.

As a seasoned engineer, Kay embarked on a

mission to revolutionize plant care.

Kay's journey began with a simple idea:

to create self-watering planters that would

not only simplify plant care but also elevate

the art of growing plants indoors.


This idea blossomed into a commitment to

craft planters that seamlessly merge

functionality, sustainability, and beauty.

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