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Posie Pots

Self Watering
Luxury Planters

Cultivating Growth Sustainability & Plant
Health for a Decade

"It's all made from recyclable material! It's a cool way to add decor that also adds a lot of function, people forget to water plants at home or at their desk, but with Posie Pots keeping plants alive is so much easier"

Good Morning America

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Best Selling Pots

Best Sellers


Crafting Beauty
With Purpose 

Our mission is to provide sustainable    planters that elevate your space 

and make plant care effortless.

How It Works

You only need to water your plants

once a month, learn how easy it is

to use our self-watering plant pots.


Customize Your
Plant Pots

Showcase your corporate identity by tailoring our plant pots to match

your brand and workspace.

Brionne Harris

"Being that I’m new to plant mom life it was quite a struggle keeping my plants alive, until I was introduced to Posie Pots. Not only are these pots beautiful, they make plant care so much easier."

Kari Leslie

"Posie Pots are amazing!!! Got one, now over 5 years ago and it is still going strong! I do not have a green thumb, but do remember I need to water it one time at the end of the month and that works great! I get so many compliments
on my Posie Pot!"

Geannette Carpenter

"I love my posie pot! This planter is just what I needed. My busy life and forgetfulnesses made it hard to manage a healthy plant. My plants are healthy thanks to Posie pots! I am so happy
with my purchase."
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